Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I love fried eggs. I like them sunny side up. But, sunny side up poses some logistical problems. The bottoms get tough before the tops get cooked. If I increase the grease (butter or whatever) and spoon the hot grease over the tops, they cook but so do I with massive grease splatters. I use an induction burner so a few weeks ago, when the grease started attacking me from across the kitchen, I took a paper towel and thew it over the top of the frying pan. And magic happened.

Now, with far less grease, I crack the eggs into the pan and put the paper towel over it and I get perfect sunny side up eggs in half the time with no tough bottom. The paper towel acts like a lid and prevents the grease from spattering while it helps cook the eggs. It still tickles me ever time.


This morning I found a short stack of flannel pants (actually pajama bottoms) in the closet. I love rediscovering old favorite clothes when the seasons change.


The gathering of the Seahawkians has gotten way more quiet and less frenetic since it got colder and they got the perfect knocked out of them with a couple of losses. It's 9:30 am now and I just had to get up and look out the terrace to make sure that they were actually playing today. There are folks out there, in line and milling about but no SEEEEEEAAAA HAAAAAWWWWKKKKS at all yet. Amazing. I heard the first chant/cry/screams before I got out of bed at 8 on the first game day.


I'm not sure I will ever get over the thrill of lowering my blinds, individually or as a group, with my phone from across the room.


End of Random Thoughts at least for now.
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