Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I came up from the car with my arms full and panting like I'd run a marathon. I grabbed some water and now I'm taking a breathing break. I did get my stuff done. I got pans and some other fun stuff for me and stuff to toss in the box I'll be mailing to my brother.

The next stop was a grocery store. Shopping hungry in a store you rarely get to is just no fiscally responsible. So I pulled into a little Japanese place and had a fairly decent light lunch with really crappy service but I had my book so I was entertained and saved $ on the tip.

Then on to the grocery which is really huge and kind of hard to find stuff in. This actually worked in my favor since I couldn't find some stuff, I ended up with a lighter load. Just before I went into the grocery I got an email from our building manager saying that there was another Halloween party across the street starting at 4 pm and they were going to block off the street and restrict our access. So I didn't dawdle.

I got my stuff and got on home to find that there is hardly anyone even out. There's tons of parking, no traffic and no streets blocked. I'd like this building manager to find another job somewhere else - far away from here. He's really working my last nerve.

Now I think it's time to put the groceries away.
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