Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I've watched all of the new half hour comedies this TV season. I optimistically gave each a season pass before I saw the first episode. I really wanted to like some of them and was ambivalent about the rest. I killed most after the first episode and the rest after the second. But, last night I watched The McCarthy's and while it's a little too Boston, it's generally funny and smart and a keeper. Laurie Metcalf is two timing Sheldon Cooper as the mother of a different family.

I started listening to a library book. 30 minutes in, I realized it was not going to cut it so I went to my second choice which is one of Nicole Wallace's (new member of The View panel and noted Republican) novels. 15 minutes in, I knew it was a keeper. Audiobooks are now always so clear so quickly to me but these two are sure were.

My laundry got all done and put away yesterday with clean sheets on the bed and the kitchen was all cleaned up before bed. So today starts fresh. I do like that.

Swimming at 9 and then I'm going to head north to Lynwood to the big Daiso store and then maybe back home via Central Market. I've long known of the Central Market - large, fancy grocery with yum good instead of goodforyou food like Whole - in Mill Creek (way north) but a couple of months ago, ljtourist showed me that there's one much closer in Shoreline which happens to be smack in the flight path from Daiso to home. Nice.

There's a home Seahawks game tomorrow so I need to get all my get-out-of-the-house-ness out of my system today.
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