Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


If you ask someone for a favor - an invite to an invite only online service, let's say - and that person asks for your email address which is a requirement in order to actually email you the fucking invite... do not, I repeat, do not give them some convoluted version cutely spaced out and eliminating the .com. They are doing you a favor. It behooves you to make it as easy for them as possible. It's common courtesy. Really. If you are that worried about your precious email address getting exposed, DO NOT ASK FOR THE FAVOR!!

I am willing to copy and paste. I am not willing to guess and edit. And when I do and invariably fuck it up and so use up my last invite, Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT reply, 'well, if you get another invite, please send. It looks really interesting.'

When chickens get lips, when pigs fly, and just right after... never.

And... yep... I am NOT emulating Alicia Florrick. I wonder if she even knows how to get annoyed.

EDIT about an hour later: Ok, I'm over it. I have my Alicia Florrick on. Even after all these years, it still surprises me and kind of amazes me how bitching about something silly here in my journal greases the skids for my mind and attitude to get back in good shape. So weird how that works.
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