Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Whew. I just this minute read that Chick-Fil-A is opening 3 restaurants in Washington state but none near me. I love their food. I mean really love it. And, yet, their politics make it impossible for me to do business with them. I fear my tongue might throw my moral compass out of whack if I had to actually drive by one. I think I'm safe-ish.

I watched and enjoyed last night's World Series game. I honestly did not care who won as long as it wasn't a landslide and it sure wasn't. 2014 was really a nice, nice baseball season for me. I'm already looking forward to February.

I need to go back to that Daiso in Lynwood (about 20 minutes north of here if there is no traffic which is rare). I bought a couple of small pans there that have turned out to be invaluable on the induction burner. I'd like to get some backups but mainly I want to get some for my brother. They are $1.50 each and I can find nothing like them even online. So I think I'll just drive on up there. Maybe Saturday after my swim.

Today there is nothing on the calendar. I need to remember to take my debit card when I go to the pool so I can buy another month of swims. I've got about a week left but it doesn't hurt to buy early and I don't want to get caught without.

And I am going to remember to take window washing supplies down to the car. When the sun hits my windshield, the inside has spots and shadows that drive me nuts. I tried to clean it yesterday with stuff that's in the car and managed to make it way worse. I'm also too lazy to go all the way down to the first floor and then across and down the stairs in the garage to my car just for this. Plus, it will be easier to see what I'm doing if I take the car out of the dark garage to do it.
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