Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Wednesdays early morning swims are often well populated. Today's was flat out crowded. My lane - the slowest lane in the pool - had a speed swimmer in it. She kept passing me and cutting me off and generally making herself a Lane PIA. She used to swim there a lot, in a faster lane. She hasn't been back in a while and I'm ready for her to disappear again. I tried to be nice. Stopping and waiting for her to swim through. But, she did not get the hint. So I spent the first half of my swim telling her off in my mind and the second half putting on my Alicia Florick mantle. I decided to say something only if directly and specifically asked. I saw her briefly after in the locker room and easily just avoided her. But, grrrrrrrr.

Next time I need to move past it all and just ignore her and hope the next lane over won't be so crowded and she'll move. Or, even better, she'll take another 6 months off from morning swims.

Today is haircut day. I'm trying to make sure I don't blow it off. It really should have been cut last week. Tomorrow won't be as handy since my swim is in the middle of the day. Friday's are a dumb day to go to any hair place. Ditto Saturdays and probably Sundays. By next Monday I'll look like my caregiver is not paying attention.

So today's the day. As soon as morning traffic clears out.
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