Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


While swimming on Saturday, I realized that my goggles were coming to End of Life. They were cloudy, fogged up and leaking. So this morning I broke out a new pair. New Goggle Swims are really the best. I got mesmerized by the beautiful mottling made on the floor of the pool by the lights and the water above. This will last about 3 or 4 swims and then we start the road to cloudy, fogged up, leaky goggles that when they get so bad, I replace them and get another 3 or 4 New Goggle Days. It's the circle of goggle life.

My hair needs cutting. Badly. Or a hat. I really don't want to get it done today. Tomorrow is not good either. Maybe Wednesday. I hate getting my hair cut. I like the results, I just hate the process. But, I need new conditioner, too so I guess it's time.

Tonight is the Homeowners Association meeting. It's a 6 which really screws up my dinner time but an hour's worth of condo gossip is worth it. Between now and then is the usual. Knitting, reading, tv-ing.

Last night I finished my neck warmer. It's exactly what I wanted.  A kind of mantle to pop on when it gets too chilly in the living room. I started with a pattern but it wasn't exactly right plus, I wanted to knit from the neck down and the pattern was from the shoulders up. It took me several ripping out and redoings to get it like I wanted.

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