Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night Zoey slept here on the bed with me all night long. She has never done that before. It was kind of nice. I slept an hour and a half longer than I intended and when the lady on the radio said it was 7:30, I hopped up with a start. Zoey wasn't so amused. But we're cool now.

Something I did yesterday resulted in a giant, ugly blood bruise on my forearm. I didn't even know it until I pulled my long sleeved shirt off last night. It's one that will take likely a month to go away. FUCK. It doesn't hurt, but it is sure ugly. At least my hands are fairly healed right now. I can put on long sleeves and live in denial. Until I get to the pool anyway.

We had wind last night. Amazing wind. Wind I could hear in my bedroom which is a good 40 feet and 1 3-quarter wall from the outside wall. It was quite amazing. I had a metal bird statue that had been perched on the outside rail now for about 15 years. Last night's wind swept him to his next adventure. I was sure we'd lose electricity and was really surprised to wake up this morning and discover we did not.

And The Tree That I Hate is still standing and smugly.

I have nothing on the agenda today. There will be breakfast and knitting and that's all I'm committing to right now. I worked on my non-bear project yesterday and got a good half of it done and then, just before bed, ripped out all I had done. It wasn't working like I wanted. I'll re-do today. And probably start a new bear.
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