Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Reason #5,890,443 that I am not a parent

I forgot that today was another Saturday morning swim practice. When I got to the pool it was full of about 65 10, 11 and 12 year olds doing swim drills. Their parents were huddled around the pool deck trying to look awake and interested. They had all gotten to the pool this morning - a Saturday morning - at 6 am. That's some kind of nuts right there.

Once they were gone, I had a great swim. The pool was pretty crowded - the regular crew plus some spares. But, in my lane, we had good peops - considerate swimmers all about my speed. It was excellent.

I stopped at the library and then on to Walmart where they did even better than they should have. I spent a fortune. But scored some cool shit. When done, I went on to Goldberg's and had a very delicious meal of lox and bagels with all the trimmings.

I headed home and hit is perfectly. The game had just started and the streets were clear. And, as I type this, the firecrakers they shoot off with every goal just jetted off into the clouds. Nice. It does crack me up, that when there's a soccer game every single bike rack in the hood is packed to the gills. When there's a football game, those racks are used for fans who don't have tickets but just like to come down and hang out, to lean on while they drink beer from the can they will then toss onto the sidewalk. Different cultures.

Anyway, now I'm home and all is good.
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