Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning is the chilliest so far. In winter, I have this old cardigan that I keep near the bed for the mornings when I enjoy my coffee in bed with the internets. I dragged it out this morning for the first time. Nice to connect with an old friend.

Today is swimming at 9 and a stop at the library after to return and pick up and then on to Walmart. I bought a toaster oven and had it shipped to the store. I could have bought $10 more stuff and gotten free shipping. Instead I will go to the store and probably spend an extra $30. Your ploy worked, Walmart, congrats.

There's a tournament pro soccer game across the street at noon and it's televised on NBC. This means that the normal huge crowds will be huger. Sooooo I need to pay close attention. My best window to get back into my garage is about 1-2 or after 3 is they lose, 3:30 if they win.  I think I can make that 1-2 window by having lunch/brunch while I'm out.  I'm thinking Goldbergs.

My new knitting needle set is heaven. All sizes, all lengths I could ever want - of my all time favorite needles - in one tiny organized package. Very cool.
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