Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Clean Friday

There's a certain amount of gear I use every day at the pool. Goggles and stuff but also shower stuff. I keep it all in a nice canvas bag I got at Walmart. It generally lives in the car. I only bring my towel and suit inside to dry every day. It's the perfect bag but... it's now filthy and moldy and disgusting. Today I bought it up from the car and am going to see if a good washing will fix it.

If not, I am going to Walmart tomorrow and, hopefully, will find a replacement.

Also on the hit parade today is regular laundry. The hamper is full.

My new knitting needles are Out For Delivery. I'm excited. I've never had interchangeable needles before. I can't way to play.

Zoey is sucking all of my motivation to get out of this bed out of me. She's snuggled up against my knees and wrapped around the keyboard.

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