Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Knitting anew and reflecting

About 6 months ago when I cleaned out the closet Full Of Crap And Shit, 60 years of knitting needles ended up in the Goodwill pile. I use 2 sizes for the bears and I have some spares of them just in case but the rest were gone. They were mostly not that useable any more anyway.

But now, I'm kind of interested in knitting more and different stuff. I found a new way to get stitches onto the needle on the internets and practiced it until I could do it easily. It was fun to to learn something new. I'm still interested in learning more crochet techniques but knitting is so much easier for me. Other, different projects take different sizes and lengths of needles that I no longer have.

So last night I treated myself to the Rolls Royce of knitting tools. A set of ChiaGoo interchangeables. With these parts and pieces I can put together any size or length of needle I could every want. $150. I cannot believe I spent that much on knitting needles. I could do the arithmetic and call them something like $.05 a set when that set in a stand alone would cost $10 but really, it's a flat out luxury. And I can't wait. They get here tomorrow. Thank you, Amazon.


Today's big ticket items are swimming at 11 and bear hand off.  The bear lady knows I'll be out from 10:30 to 12:45 and she is welcome to come any other time. She said great but didn't tell me when. No biggie. The bears are bagged and ready.


I slept really well last night and feel pretty good today. There is a certain level of hurt that comes with being 65, overweight, out of shape with half the lung capacity of what a person my size and age should have.  There is stuff that I no longer have the muscles to maneuver. Taking a deep, cleansing breath is no longer possible. Some tendons are stretched and painful on some days. Some joints are just tired and painful on other days.

I do remember what it felt like when I was 30. I remember being able to bound up stairs, to plop to the floor and bounce back to standing easily and quickly. To walk miles and run. I remember having days when absolutely nothing hurt.  In those days, the days when something hurt were the exception.  Now, 30 years later, the opposite is true.

Had I not smoked cigarettes for 40 years and/or eaten only what was good for me and/or been conscientious about physical exercise, I'd probably feel more like 30 today. But, instead I lived my life the way I wanted to instead of the way I should have.

So each ache, pain and cough is kind of a reminder of how lucky I've been to have such a fun and amazing life. That's what I tell myself to get by the hurtiest of times anyway.
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