Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I ran into Erica at the pool. Erica is in charge of maintenance and she also swims with us at the early morning swims. She said that yesterday morning the pool was 80 degrees. Generally she keeps it at 83-84. The other pools in the city do 85-86. It surprised me how very much difference a few degrees makes. I find the other pools way too hot (and I hear others complaining about the same thing). By the same token, I would not have thought that 80 degrees would have been so cold. Remind me not to swim in Lake Washington where today with water temperature is 60 degrees. Yikes!

I had a good swim today. I tried more of the shoulder swim technique that Joseph showed me. It wore my arms out. I think my pitching career is over. But it sure makes me faster.

My router, bridge, modem and receiver for the shades all live in a basket over by the TV. It keeps them out of sight and still gives them air. The good days are the days when I don't have to open up that basket lid. And there are lots of those. But, when I do, it's because something's not working and I'm pissed. And there are so many wires and cables in there that it's like a rat's nest and that pisses me off even more.

So, today, I did future pissed off me a favor. I make clear labels for each cord and taped them near the plug and organized them in a way that makes sense. Maybe that will keep the pissed off level in reasonable range.

The new router is working fine and the speed is back up. Maybe it's not Comcast after all. But, Comcast is still too slow and still no static IP. So switching to the new guys is still on the table.

I put away the old router and some other stuff - out on the terrace in the cupboards. I left the door open and Zoey thinks that's the coolest thing in forever. She's running NASCAR from the terrace to the front door. No checkered flag.

It's been cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy, then sunny, then rainy, then sunny all day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE raising and lowering the shades from my phone and only the ones needed for the particular sunbreak. Money well spent.
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