Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Routering and other fixings

The new router was in. It was kind of satisfying to watch Josh do the setup (he was doing it remotely but I could see it on my screen) and see that he was doing exactly what I would have done without him! There were a couple of things he did differently but he didn't know how/why I was set up that way and I just went in behind him and tweaked what I wanted.

But, now I'm all set up and everything is connected and working and all is good. And my speed is back. I overhead my brother - via the webcam - this afternoon telling his techs "She eats routers for a living." It's not a great living but he's right. But this sucker does come with more tracking and info that I have ever ever seen before. Should really be handy when I start to eat this one.

And then I moved on to my Harmony hub which quit speaking to TiVo yesterday. Tested this, tested that, checked this on the internets and then checked that and, before I was set to delete the TiVo from the remote and start again from scratch, I moved the IR thingie from where it has been for months to a new spot. BAM! Fixed. WTF? whatever.

Last on my list is my Google Voice number. It is the only phone number I give out to anyone. Lately, there have been some strange occurrences. When the shades guy came last week, he called me on the front door console and said some dude answered and said I was not home.

Today Josh called me and got someone with a heavy Latino accent who said he'd never heard of me.

I don't really have a way to call myself from a different number which makes testing a bit of a problem. But, my brother has agreed to call me randomly in hopes of getting someone else and then getting more info so I can go to Google with data.

My investments are way much happier today and so am I. Whew. I sure hope the uptick sticks.

Gout is returning to my finger. I have one finger, my index finger, that randomly gets incredibly painful in the joint closest to the fingertip. It is sometimes so sore that it's hard to maneuver a fork or even knit. And then, it will clear up and be find for months on end. I say it's gout. My doctor looks at me like 'bitch has lost her mind' but nods non-noncommittally. Dr. Internets backs me up so there. I fix it the same way I fix it when gout hits my toe. Ice, ibuprofin or nsaids. Sometimes it does not even get bad. I'm hoping this is one of those times.
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