Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok I think we have an issue...

I walked to Uwajimaya, 1/2 mile and then around the store and then headed home and had to stop and rest. I cannot walk a mile. I can swim a mile easily. I cannot walk a mile. ARUGH.  Now, it is warm out and the sun was really glaring and, coming home, I was carrying a fairly heavy load, but...  Now I'm worried about Vancouver.

I hate the idea of renting a scooter. They do have really good bus/train transit in the West End where I will be and a senior day pass is chicken feed.  It is less than a mile from my hotel to the pool at the Y and the restaurant I want for at least one dinner or two.  I don't know about the cab situation. I could be ok.  Maybe I should just stop worrying. Maybe today was just not a good day. Chances of it's being too hot at the end of November in British Columbia can't be high.

On the up side, I scored my rice and some of their divine fresh pickles and some other goodies and I'm home and don't have anywhere else I need to go and the fan is cooling me off.


They have just started the hotel in the northeast corner of the parking lot just by the train station. It will be very cool. It's where they are putting the new 13 Coins restaurant - one of my favs coming right to my 'hood.

The photo on the left is looking east to the train station (there with the bell tower). The photo on right is lookign west. Just to the left of that tall glass building is my building. My actual unit is on the floor just below the roof turrets and just to the right of the ones you can see in the picture. So I won't be able to see the hotel from my unit but that's ok. I'm just glad it will be there.
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