Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More of the same, but not in a bad way

Another great sleep night. I even slept past the alarm. I credit the colder weather and am so delighted to be looking at months of it.

Yesterday, in the snail mail, there was a postcard from the Condo Internet people. It said that they were open for signing up. So I went to their website and signed up. They didn't ask me for money so what the heck. There is a lot I don't know. The biggie is how in the heck it connects to me. There are no ethernet ports in this condo. Do they install one?  The only person here who has any tiny bit of information is our building manager who told me 'it will be wireless, you don't need any connections.'  Yeah, no.

I am switching routers on Monday. My current router may or may not be failing - I honestly don't think it is but I have been having issues. My brother has been wanting me to get DD-WRT on my router so his techs can get to it remotely. So I got the high end of the one they routinely suggest and install for their customers. I'm going to hook it up here and they will do the set up and monitoring. They get the experience and I get to bitch to them when something hinks up.

We did this with my Windows machine and it's been heaven. I have not had to do one single update since last Spring. They back all my stuff up and keep it running totally smoothly. It all happens in stealth mode. It's so stealth that periodically I check in with Jake, the guy who does me,  to make sure it's still happening.

They charge $50 a month for a service that includes this kind of magic remote service. When they first set it up, I thought who the fuck would shell out that kind of cash for something like that??  Now, I know. His service area includes a huge (something like 7,000 homes) senior village. They are good good customers.

Anyway, tomorrow we'll get the router set up and the old one switched out. I'll hang on to it to use when I test the Condo Internet service. However it comes into the house, I'll set up the router for wifi and compare the two. From what I can tell, this will cost me only $60 to do. Well worth it.


I was reminded yesterday that Uwajimaya is having their annual anniversary sale with 10% off everything. Today is the worst possible day to go but I think I'll probably go anyway. Sundays are the days that people from all over the area come to shop. But now they have stores in other places so maybe it won't be so bad. And, if it is, I'll come home and go back tomorrow or Tuesday. But, I'm thinking if I go eary it might not be as crowded and it will be cooler for the walk.

I love their rice which is expensive but so worth it and there are other treats there I plan to cash in on while saving my 10%.

But, first, I think I'll make some breakfast. Smarter to go when I'm not hungry.
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