Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The good, the bad and all totally inconsequential

The first clue I had was cars. There is strip of parking in front of my pool. Part of it is handicapped and the rest is just parallel parking. Since I usually shoot for the first swim of the day, I'm often the first one to park. On Saturdays, I always am. But, today, as I came over the hill, I saw all the parking spaces filled with cars! I pulled my tiny Smart Car into the last space - just big enough.

Inside the place was full of action. Mothers had tables set up in the lobby with juice and eats and the pool was full of kids. They are having these meets today and next Saturday.  One of the lifeguards told me they had started at 6:30 am.  I'm overly impressed with teenagers who get up to swim that early on a Saturday morning.

My own swim was outstanding. For about half of it, there were four of us using my lane but the traffic was smooth.  Keeping the lane traffic moving always makes me swim harder. I actually ended up swimming an extra quarter mile before I realized it. Nice.

Then on to the grocery store where I found everything on my list and more. This grocery store (a Safeway) is, weekly, expanding its  fruit and veggie snack section. Today they had snap peas and carrots with dip packaged in perfect serving sizes and on sale. I love it. I love chips but these snacks are even easier and so that's what I go for when the snack attack hits if I have them on hand. And now I do.

I also scored some excellent steak in the manager's special section. They mark down meat that is about to expire. Since I freeze it the minute I get home, it's gold to me. I got enough to have 5 steak dinners for $6. Score!

I am home and everything is put away and the kitchen is tidy.  It's too warm to walk around much. The sun is behind the clouds but peaking out enough to create annoying glare. I just saw a tweet that Monday will bring a 10 degree drop in temperatures.  I'm so ready.  
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