Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trick the system and... fail

My brother and I share a lot of digital resources. Especially books. He downloaded and listened to an audiobook (True Believers by Kurt Andersen) checked out from the library. And then sent me a note that I might like it. So I downloaded it and started listening. It's 18 hours long and only had 13 days left before it was due.

I know from experience that when I check out a Kindle book from the library and download it to my Paperwhite that as long as I do not sync my Paperwhite, I can keep and read that library book for as long as I want.

Using that model, I downloaded this book onto my old Nexus 5, which I don't use as a phone but keep as a backup. I started listening to the book and, as my brother thought, I love it. I was halfway done last night and knew it expired at midnight. So I put the Nexus 5 in airplane mode.

This morning I checked and wahwah, no joy. When I clicked on it, it told me the book was expired. Sigh.

Happily, in this case, I was able to recheck the book out right away and now I have another 21 days. Whew.

This book is a fictional memoir of a woman exactly my age. She (the character) chronicles the times that I lived and it's great fun to remember with her. And now I can finish it.
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