Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When annoying people happen

The resident manager for our condo building is hired by Homeowners Association Board of Directors who are elected by all of is who own units in this building. We've had a bunch in our 22 year history. Some have been good, some have been not so good. All have been nice and respectful until we hit this current one.

If he had been living here since the beginning and I had just moved in yesterday and he was elected by all of us and anointed by God, I could possibly justify his offensive communications and condescending behavior.

His emails are confusing, full of typos and extraneous information and 3 different fonts in 3 different colors with highlighting. I try to pull out the teensy bit of cogent information from each and file those suckers fast so I don't have to look at them.

I try as hard as I can to avoid actually coming face to face with him as much as possible because every time I do, he finds a way to insult me - usually passive aggressively. Just now he was so overt that I just asked him to to please not insult me. His smile and tone indicated he'd hit pay dirt.

On the up side, I think I'm going to be asked to serve on the board in a couple of months and my response is going to be "I'd be happy to take my turn, but not while Michael is working here." I'm kind of relieved to have a good 'out'. On the other hand, it might be smarter to go ahead and get on the board and, as his reporting superior, just make his smug self suffer.
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