Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Bolt Bus finally posted it's schedule/prices for the rest of November. It makes sense but Thanksgiving days are pricier than normal even though I'm going to Canada and their Thanksgiving is now gone. $50 round trip still isn't so bad. And the times are good. Leave at 10 on Wednesday and leave Vancouver at 11 on Friday.

I still had to talk myself into going. The hotel is paid for but I could still get that money back if I cancelled. The Bolt Bus doesn't do refunds. So this was kind of planning in ink as it were.

I think the only thing holding me back from going is inertia. I do have a little fear of getting there and physically not being able to wander around like I want to. But, if I stay here, I really won't be able to.

So... going I am. Leave on Wednesday - back on Friday. I have a little list of places I want to go and see and meals I want to eat and there will be swimming. The hotel has a pool and it's not at all far from the Y where I can buy a day pass if I want.

And it sure beats the hell out of staying here with the pools closed starring at my navel.
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