Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I finally, I think, got my sleeping tools tweaked nicely. My comforter is right for the temperature. I cranked my head up a little more and last night I slept better than I have in a long time. It was lovely.

Not so lovely is morning breathing. I have two inhalers both of which run out of power in the mornings. I can really tell it, too. And, actually, more so as the weather gets colder. When I first get up, I go to the kitchen to make coffee and then bring it back to the bed. Just getting to the kitchen has me panting this morning. It makes me very grateful for my inhalers. Once I suck down both of them for the day, it's all instantly better. At least so far.

I am so weary of 24/7 ebola coverage. I am tired of hearing the same thing over and over and over again. With no new news to report, the reporters are forced into stupid. Ebola may be a fatal disease but I'm getting fairly homicidal at its pushing real news off to ignore-land.

On the other hand, it is helping my campaign of trying to watch less TV news. I record a bunch of it but now fast forward and/or just delete most.  It makes for much more pleasant evenings. At leat I am becoming more and more convinced that my staying current on events is not being jeopardized by ignoring at least the local news.

The stock market, on the other hand, is becoming worrisome. I have lost a gynormous amount of money in the past two weeks. It's really disheartening to watch and so far there appears to be no end to the downward spiral. But, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I was making regular withdrawals for money to live on but got cash for an annuity that matured so I have, on hand, my living expenses for the next 4-5 months. This is really fortunate since selling stuff when the price is low is especially painful. So I count my lucky stars and try not to look at all the red in my investment accounts.

Today I will absolutely stop at the library - drop off and pick up - and then go to the pool. I may do laundry and I may stop at the grocery and I may put off both of those things til tomorrow or Saturday.
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