Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

cook day and other stuff

Chef Anita comes today to cook me up a freezer full of goodies. Yum. And there will be swimming. Not a bad plan for a day.

It's still too warm in here for the comforter of choice. I need to dig into the quilt chest and use another option. It takes so long for this building to cool off. It's 50 degrees outside. And 76-77 here in the bedroom. The door to the outside is wide open and has been all night here is no heat on and the even with the ceiling fan over my bed going at full force, it's still won't cool down enough for me.  We have several glorious days of cool and rain in the near future so maybe, just maybe that will turn the tide.

My new tablet with keyboard is the best. I think it's maybe going to just replace the backup chromebook. I'm going to give it a few days but HP could be the next thing to sell on Amazon. So far, LJ turns out to be the stumbling block.  It refuses to display horizontally.  Oh, turns out there's an app for that.  Now I have horizontal forced on and the LJ app seems quite happy.   Ooops, no spell check?  Why is it that LJ insists on believing that I can spell???

Now I need to see if I can find an app for that.

But, first, I need to get up and get dressed and get going.

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