Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday Monday

My cat is being dog needy. Twice last night she climbed back into my bed (she usually is there while I fall asleep and then goes off on her own) to whisker me to death. And now, as I type she is all over me. Climbing on my arms, nosing my fingers as they type. Just generally being all popular girl Pay Attention To Me!!! While I appreciate being needed...

I went swimming as usual this morning and it was fine. I was slower than usual - it took me pretty much an hour to finish my mile but it was a lovely hour.

My new tablet arrives today. I do so love getting a new techno-toy.

I also ordered a new router and a new bridge. My current router is getting a little fussy and my brother keeps wanting me to get a router that they can monitor from their shop (DD-WRT) so I finally ordered one. And my shades took up the last ethernet port on my current little 4 port bridge so I ordered one with more ports. I got them from Amazon and selected the slow shipping in return for $1 off a book for both. I love having that option but have learned to use it ONLY when I really don't care when it comes because their slow option is really really really slow.

Oh! I just got an email that the new LJ app is now available for my Fire Tablet. Sweet.

There may be laundry doing today and likely book reading and even more likely knitting, crocheting and tv watching.

I got enough of the hexagon blanket put together to get a feel for what the finish will look/feel like. It's going to be heavy, really heavy. And not soft enough to sleep under by itself. So I ordered a flannel flat sheet and I'm going to tack to to that as kind of a backing. I think that's going to be a fine plan.
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