Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


One of the joys of living in a downtown condo is precious few children. Most people here who have babies move very soon thereafter. There is one 7-ish year old who lives down the hall and a handful of under 2's. I rarely have to deal with any of them which suits me perfectly.

Halloween, outside of candy corn, one of my least favorite times of year, gets basically ignored. For which I've always been grateful.

When I took the garbage down earlier, I saw some disturbing news on the bulletin board.

There's a woman who had her first baby this year who's now trying to whip up a Trick or Treat frenzy for the building. ARUGH. Happily, her notice does acknowledge that not everyone will be thrilled by this and it kind of sounds like she's building an opt-in plan. So I can just lock my door and stay out of the hallway on Oct.31. Easy to do. And I should not be annoyed by something I can easily ignore but turns out, I'm as petty as I can be!


Breakfast made and et. Kitchen totally cleaned up and garbage taken to the dumpsters. All is good.
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