Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I love love love my new shades. Yesterday was cloudy here most all the day. I was kind of bummed not to need them. And then I sat down to eat dinner and 3 bites in, the sun hit a point that beamed it right into my eyeballs. I picked up my phone and lowered that one shad just enough. I didn't want my dinner to get cold or I would have gotten up and done a happy dance.

I've been watching a particular tablet/keyboard and finally saw a nice, used one for a good price on Amazon and bought it. It won't be here til Monday but I figured I'd go ahead and do a for sale listing for the one it will replace. I figured I'd slap a higher price on it and then lower it next week when the new one got here.

Except. In an hour. It sold. Oops. I didn't plan that too well.  I'm not really obligated to ship it until mid next week but I couldn't do that to the buyer. When I buy new tech, I want it ASAP and a few days makes a huge difference. So off to the post office this morning. It's going to Wisconsin.

This selling stuff on Amazon is just amazing. It's really meant that I can, in effect, 'rent' new stuff to play with at very reasonable prices. It's just so easy.  It took me less than 5 minutes last night to take the photo and list the tablet.

Next up is the Kindle. I bought the new one - the Voyage, so I will sell my Paperwhite. The Voyage doesn't come out for a week or two. Probably I should go ahead and list the Paperwhite now cause I might not be the only one with this plan... hmmmm Wait. What? Just tried to list the Paperwhite and Amazon says that it's not eligible for sale. Ooops Foiled. Well, that's a thing, now isn't it?

I guess I'll worry about that another time, eh Scarlet?

My swim this morning was great. I should maybe skip a day every once in a while. It sure makes the next day's swim sweeter.

Nothing else really on the agenda today after I get back from the post office. At least as far as I know now. There's a home soccer game tonight so I definitely will not be taking the car out this afternoon.
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