Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Home again

That was kind of a fun little jaunt. I got there too early so ran into Walmart - they did not have the yarn I wanted so that was an easy one to check off the list and made it to Tyler's office still in plenty of time.

We had a nice donut chat. All is well in my money land even though things tanked again today. We decided that the time is right come next March for me to start drawing out my Social Security. Nice to have a plan.

From there I went on to Daiso. I had always heard the store in Lynwood was nice and big. Holy crap on a stick, yeah!! There are two stores here in Seattle and both are tiny with limited inventory. The one at Alderwood Mall is so big they have shopping carts! I lost my mind.  $25 worth. (Most everything at Daiso is $1.50.)

Then on down the street to Michaels where I did find the yarn I wanted.

And then on home. I could have found the pool for a swim but I was kind of running out of steam and if I had stopped to swim for an hour by the time I got showered and dressed and back on the road, I would have joined the afternoon commute.  So home seemed the better idea. Traffic was heavy but not stopped.

It was sunny and hot in Mill Creek and Lynnwood.  Cloudy and cool in Seattle.  Microclimates will never cease to amaze me.

I did not know that Elisabeth George lived nearby. Turns out she's moving to Seattle. Wild. I'm not a fan of her books - they just arn't my cup of tea - but I am an admirer.
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