Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is my twice before cancelled trip to Mill Creek. My annual state of the state meeting with my financial adviser. And donuts. Tyler's office is lovely but it's also blocks from a wonderful donut place so we have our meeting there.

On this year's agenda is Social Security or wait. I can opt into Social Security any time now but the two upcoming touchpoints are next year when I turn 66 or wait until I'm 70.  If I kick in at 66, I get $2,362 a month. If I wait until I'm 70, the number turns into $3,146.

The stock market is down again today so far which is ugh. I've lost a bundle o' cash this week alone. Sigh.  I do not worry about it, though because 1. There isn't a thing in the world I can do about it. 2. Tyler has my money spread out over lots of stocks, real estate, funds and other magical mystery money things and, most importantly, 3. He and his predecessor have, over the past 18 years, done nothing but make me money through good times and bad.  Finding his predecssor was the single greatest thing I ever did for me. And one of the best things he ever did for me was find Tyler to take over.

So whatever he says, I do. Plus, donuts.

It takes me, generally, about 30 minutes to get there and there are lots of places to get good errands done between here and there, I try to save them until after and not leave here until after 9 so as not to add to and/or get caught in morning traffic.

I have a short-ish list of places to stop on the way home. I am also tossing my swimsuit in the car just in case. There's a nice pool in Lynwood that, depending on the timing, I might just stop for a bit of a swim. I won't get home in time to make it to my pool.

But, nothing is set in stone. The beauty of being retired. And donuts.
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