Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am a genius.

So I took the handles off my sliding door because the handle stuck out too far. The new shades kind of stuck on them.

Then I had nothing to grab to open/close. So I took the inside handle and went to Home Depot. A great guy volunteered to help me and we discovered lots of stuff that wouldn't work - too sticky outy or holes in wrong place. Finally, I came home with two drawer nobs.

I got home and the knob screws were too short plus, they don't cover the ugly holes. So I covered the ugly with a large white label.

And then the lighbult went off - it was more like lightening striking.

The outside handle has a way lower profile plus it has more rounded edges (the inside handle has squared edges that catch the shades). I could swap them!!  But, the inside handle has a locky thing in the way...  Then I figured out how to get that out (without breaking it!) and then they swapped out perfectly. And the shades just glide on by the new inside handle.

I am just shocked and amazed at my genius. If it had struck sooner, I could have saved myself $4.
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