Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So, when someone gives me a 2 hour window, I always assume they will be here at the end of the window. And those 2 hours are soooooo long. Today, I was just putting the batter into the muffin tin for breakfast muffins when the shades guy arrived at 11!  His window was 11-1. So.... Delightfully, I was wrong this time.

He was not as fun as the sales guy, of course, but he sure got the job done. The shades are not translucent like the others but also not blackout.  They have slats that can open or shut. But, best of all I can manipulate them independantly and from my phone.  Sweet and yeah!

I did have to sacrifice my sliding glass door handle. It stuck out too much. I need to get a replacement or make one or have one made. I do not need it to work the lock since I never lock it and have no need to - just give me something to grasp to slide it open and closed. I can almost do without and might just fashion some sort of cover for the ughly holes and call it a day.

And the stock market isn't tanking still so money to pay for them!

I do not understand why my housecleaner can, in 10 minutes, clean up my kitchen sooooooo much better than I can in a half hour. I need to really study what/how she does it next time. There must be some voodoo magic in there or Bosnian since that's where she's from.

So, to recap.

  • 8 year old window shade issue fixed in fine, fine style.  No more glare. No more hot frying sun.

  • New batch of breakfast muffins all done and most in freezer.

  • Batch of blue cheese biscuit bites done and most in freezer.

  • House clean.

Not bad for one half day.

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