Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wednesday - shade day!

I really felt like crap when I went to bed last night. And I dreamed that I was sick. And I woke up coughing so much that I had to get vertical for a bit and take a cough pill. But, then I went back to sleep and slept well and woke up at 6 and felt fine and dandy!  My shot arm was still sore but that's just a matter of time.  So I went to the pool.  My sore arm overshadowed by shoulder neck sore but after the first 15 minutes, everything was fine.

I didn't practice any new tricks, I just swam and swam and swam without stopping until I reached a mile and all was great. I'll likely miss tomorrow's swim so I'm doubly glad today's was good.

The housecleaner comes this morning. She comes once a month and does about two hours worth of cleaning and it's wonderful. There is lots of stuff that does not get done but she knocks out the basics and I can fill in the rest. It's a great little solution.

I need to make some more breakfast muffins but I need cheese. I'll probably run out while the cleaning is happening.

And then it will be waiting for the shades guy.

christopher575 pointed me to the spellcheck trick. I type these entries in the Visual editor tab where there is no spell check happening. BUT, at any time and before I post, I can flip over to the HTML tab and see/fix all spelling errors. Easy peasy and an excellent work around.

I am enjoying Madame Secretary. I've never been a fan of Tea Leoni but she totally nails this part and makes the show a very good watch. I hope it's not on the cancel list.

I am also really really enjoying The View this year. It is an entirely new show in nearly every way an all of the changes are for the better. Nicole Wallace is particularly interesting. I was only marginally aware of her when she was in the White House.  I learned yesterday that she has two novels out. The first one is in my Up Next queue. Whoopi is way less annoying and, honestly, having Barbara Walters out of the picture (and her producer who's name escapes me) makes the conversation more smooth and intelligent.

Zoey (the cat) has lost her bell and is stalking around here in silence this morning. It's very disconcerting. I hope I didn't throw out all the old bells in my latest purge.

Time to get up and make the bed and get this day going.
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