Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My shades are here!!!

Before they built the building across the street, my due east view was sun free after 10 am. This part of the northwest is blessed with many many many cloudy mornings so there were many days during the year when I was blissfully sun free - no frying, no glare.

But... now... even on cloudy days, the clouds burn off by afternoon and the afternoon sun comes over my building and bounces off the new building right into my eyes. All year round. Not happy. My current shades do an ok job but they are a bitch to raise so once lowered they usually stay that way.

I ordered new, fancy, remotely controlled, pretty shades. Today I got the call. 'Can I come install them tomorrow at 11?' ARUGH. Out of all the days when I have nothing on the calendar, tomorrow is my once-postponed date with my financial adviser up in Mill Creek. It's at 10:30. No way I can get back here by 11.

Well, he postponed the meeting once (his cold), now it's my turn. Besides, with the major stock market dive today, he'll probably have his hands full answer the phone tomorrow anyway.

So... as I sit here now at 4 pm, I can see the sun moving closer and closer to getting in my eyes. Bring it, sucker!! Your last day!
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