Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just saw the following on Twitter "Stocks suffer one of their worst days in 2014." UGH. I usually check my investments ever day after the market closes. I think I'm going to skip that today. If you need me, I'll be floating down the river of de Nile.


My swim was about 75%. I was doing ok for the first half mile but then I felt my neck/shoulder thing again. It didn't hurt but I did feel it and I don't want it to hurt OR prevent me from swimming so I took a couple of soft laps and then got out. I really do live in dread fear of anything coming between me and my pool.


Since I had spare time, I stopped at Walgreens to see about a flu shot. They have kind of a Tom's shoes deal - you get one and they give one. It ends soon so I figure now was as good a time as any. One reason I kept putting it off was filing out the paperwork - I keep a list of drugs but is it up to date? What stuff will they want to know that I cannot remember... etc. But, I decided to bite the bullet.

They asked me my name and phone number and bam - got all the info they needed right out of the same account I use to order my drugs. All I had to do was check a few boxes and sign! He did try to upsell me a pneumonia shot which I thought was kind of hilarious. And, actually, I'm due but I figure I need to track one thing at a time, thank you. They have a great little 'shot' room they take you in to do the deed and then he gave me a printout and a receipt for the $0 I paid and I was done! Now I know. It's me and Walgreens forever. I may go back for the pneumonia thing next week.

When I got home I logged onto their website and got the exact info about what shot I got and sent it to my doctor. Done.


This lack of spellcheck on LJ in chrome is really annoying. Since I'm on a chromebook, switching browsers isn't an option... I guess I'll switch to ScribeFire for entry writing. It at least tells me when I fall off the spelling rails.
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