Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is 10% Senior Discount Day at Fred Meyers but I can't think of anything I need/want bad enough to haul my ass over there and save a buck. I think I'll just save all the bucks and not go.

I pulled/stretched/annoyed some muscled in my neck/shoulder that really hurt yesterday. I never know what to do about this kind of thing.  I could really feel it - and not in a good way - in the pool. So do I baby it and skip swimming so it will heal and faster or is it like a cold and will just heal when it heals regardles sof what I do? Yesterday it hurt so much that I decided to skip a swim day. Today, however, it seems totally fine. So the swim is on. If I get into the pool and it hurts, I'll get out.

My Mom always made little tableaus of decorative gourds this time of year. They were out from October until they were replaced by Christmas stuff after Thanksgiving.  Yesterday, I made a quick run to Grocery Outlet. They had giant bins of beautiful decorative gourds and SNAP! I was a little kid at home. I could almost smell the Madame Rochas perfume my Mom always wore (that we always called Madam Roaches).

My brother sent me a note yesterday suggesting that I check out a book - True Believers by Kurt Andersen. I was floudering in the middle of a Jo Nesbo Harry Hole book so I switched last night and wow. How in the world did I miss this True Believers before? A coming of age story about a woman exactly my age. I got it from the library - audio version. It's an 18 hour book due in 13 days... so I put it on my back up phone which I don't use. I can put it on airplane mode and so still have the book at the end of the 13 days. Yeah for backup hardware.

I now have as many books going as crochet projects...  Retirement ADD. It's a thing.

I am sitting on the bed. The quilt is in a lovely soft pile at the end of the bed. The plastic zippered storage bag is on the seat at the end of the bed.  The cat is not curled up on the soft, warm quilt.  She has snuggled onto the plastic storage bag.  "You think you know me, but you don't!"
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