Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


God, do I hate to spend $750 on car stuff I don't care about and really don't 'buy' is essential even though those in the know say it is. And they didn't even clean the inside of the windows. (Ok, yes, I'm being petty but I was hoping.) I did get out of there before I went nuts and I did get some good reading in.  And, at least I have the money and don't have to do into debt for it. But, really, I hate it.


I watch the evening news every day at 5. I actually record the local shows on the NBC affiliate, the ABC affiliate and the FOX affiliate. I usually start watching the NBC one but flip it as soon as it gets stupid which is generally 4 to 5 minutes in or sooner. One of my giant, huge, pet peeves is to turn on the local news only to have some 20 year old chippy in downtown Seattle reporting a national story.  IF we have so little local news, why the fuck do all the stations have 90 minute local news shows every fucking night??? (not to mention morning, noon and late night new local news shows).  I want to see LOCAL news.

So, last night, after the 20 year olds on 3 of the networks led off with how impossible it is to contract Ebola but clearly implying that we all should refrain from sleeping well at night and just stay up and worry about it, I fired off an email to all three stations - individually - asking them why they LEAD the local news with a national story and/or use national news to fill the vast percentage of the news hole. No surprise, I guess, that I haven't heard from any and I guess i don't expect to.

Fortunately, we have good local neighborhood blogs who are on top of things and do great coverage of the city and county government as well as the goings on in town.

I just need to quit watching the local news. I keep saying that and I need to quit saying it and start not doing it!


So bitch moan rant rave... Here's what's really happening here... The chair is full.  So they are all going back to the fish bed to join the last chair full untill Jeanne comes by to take the off for their forever homes.

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