Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday at Mercedes

I am back at the Mercedes dealership that I really don't like. I was thinking this morning of the little Smart Car dealership I bought my car from. I was not crazy about them because they were so far away. Then Mercedes bought them and that was good because the dealership was 4 miles from my house. The first time I took my car in for the annual check up, it was heaven. Cozy, friendly, homemade cookies and brownies, free wireless, and a comfy den to hang out in. I was kind of annoyed that I had to leave when my car was ready.

Then the guy who owned the dealership sold it and they moved to a new facility 2 miles from my house. They still have good free wifi but it's cold and no cookies and not friendly. Fortunately, I only have to be here once a year. Except for this time. They tell me I need two new wheels so I'm here today getting two very expensive wheels.

I could have them run me home but if I hang out here they will, hopefully, finish sooner. The guy told me an hour and a half. We shall see.

Swimming this morning was interesting. I tried new stuff. I am clearly using fewer strokes without jeopardizing my time. Wild. But I have done something to my shoulder/neck. It started bothering me out of the gate. I did some different strokes and then went back to the normal one and it really did not get any worse so I do not think it is fatal.

I did remember how he showed me to kick and that was cool. I am really glad I did the lesson.

Not a lot going on this week. On Wednesday I am going up to Mill Creek to meet with my financial adviser - the meeting that got postpone last week. I would love for my new shades to come in this week. Otherwise, the calendar looks like the charmed life of a retired person. Lovely.
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