Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What I learned at the pool

The first thing I learned at the pool today is that swimming on Sundays is not as fun as swimming the other six days of the week. I had been operating under that assumption. Glad to know my assumption was not wrong.

"Katie" was the teacher listed for my lesson this morning only "Katie" turned out to be Joseph who is one of my all time life guards! And I never get to see him any more since he went back to school. He's really really nice and fun and has the greatest smile. He came and found me when I first got there and told me he was Katie today. I said 'great' and just to come get me when he was ready. Then I entertained myself with laps until time.  While I was lapping I was actually a bit concerned that while he's a swell guy, he might not be a great teacher and I might intimidate him and he might not really even take it all seriously. I decided that if all that was true, worst case I'd have wasted $35 and a half hour in the pool. No big deal at all.

We did the lesson in the teaching pool which is 3 feet deep and he was in the water with me which was great. It took about a half a minute to realize that all my concerns were totally unfounded. He was a great teacher. Really great. I learned all kinds of cool things. Not the least of which was that I have been swimming too fast. Well, flapping too quickly and not at all efficiently. Slow down! Susan, Slow Down!  He showed me some tricks to teaching myself how to breathe on my non-dominant side and an exercise or two that really whopped my ass.  I totally got my money's worth! And it was great fun.

After the lesson, I practiced some of it for about 20 minutes before getting out and coming home.  All in all excellent.  I toyed with the idea of stopping by Trader Joe's but then decided I was too hungry so I came on home.  After I got home, Twitter told me that there is a big rally (churches against new pot shop) at an intersection on the way to Trader Joe's so I would not have gotten there anyway and may have gotten stuck in the god crowd.  Dodged one.  Whew.


I just realized that Chrome is no longer checking my spelling. And there does not seem to be an LJ spell checker any more.  Hmmmm This is not good.

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