Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

LJ Friends of the new variety

So many journals are friends only these days. It's kind of hard to find journals to read. Many entries that announce friends only either make the entry requirements steep - leave a comment and I'll think about letting you in - or just flat out say, don't waste my time or yours.  So I LOVE a good friendzy. I join with abandon.  I add people right and left and hope they add me back so I can have more journals to read.

My own journal is 99% public so it's kind of a different animal. You can read mine for a while and decide whether or not you want to clutter up your friend feed with my entries.

I've had a journal here for more than a dozen years now. I write it for me - to noodle stuff out, save thoughts for posterity, remember stuff. When I started, I didn't quit 'get' the whole LJ friends thing. Friending or being friended. But over the years, that part of the experience has become as important to me as the journaling. It was many years before my real life and my LJ life crossed paths. It has now crossed many times. The older I get the less I am around people IRL and the more my friends list becomes my social.

Anyway, thank you for letting me into your journals. And welcome to mine!
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