Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim this morning was exceptional. I had a lane to myself for the first half mile and then a woman joined me and she was the perfect lane partner. I just swam and swam and swam. My new playlist helped. I used to have a bunch of music sorted by BPM for back in the day when I was hoping the gym 'would take' and I could still walk more than a block. I need to find that bunch and organize them on the player. I also need to order new earbuds. My everydays are just shot. One ear whispers and the other has an indoor voice. I need screamers in both ears to hear over my bubbles.  Plus, I think my hearing is suffering from old age. So screaming is even more important.

On to the pop up bakery which was doing a big business. The line was too long to fiddle with so on to the grocery store. I had on my list to check out PF Chang's frozen stuff. I've never had any but keep hearing good things. Chef Anita comes on the 2nd Tuesday but this time the 2nd Tuesday makes 5 weeks instead of 4 so I need supplemental meals.  Anyway, turs out that PF Changs was on sale! $2 off. Nice. Got 2.  My sliced apples were also on special. I grabbed a few more things and got out of there while the gettin' was good.

My Real Change guy was not there today. Hope he's ok.

It's amazingly quiet in my neighborhood today. The new apatments across the street are generating an amazing amount of noise during the weekdays. I swear there are trucks dropping dumpsters out there every day all day. I love city noise. If I wanted 24/7 peace and quiet, I sure would have picked different real estate. But, once in a while, the silence is lovely. There isn't even any games here this weekend. So tomorrow promises to be qiety, too.  Kinda cool.

Lunchtime here. And more Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore.
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