Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My little life

I heard this on TV last night - paraphrasing.... My Mom used to say put all your troubles in a pile with everyone else's and soon you'll be begging to get yours back.

Even my tiny annoyances do not measure up but they are mine.

Every day recently after I check mail and LJ, I check to see if Bolt Bus has their tickets/schedules available for Thanksgiving. They don't. And then I check Where is my Amended Return.  They've now had it in 'received' for nearly 7 weeks. Send me the check already, ok??  My new window shades were to have been here in 2-4 weeks.  Yesterday was the 2 week mark. I'm ready. My old shades are getting more annoying every day.  I have a skin tag under my arm that fights with my swim suit. It's positioned so that I cannot get to it to cut it off. It's just annoying enough to want off and not annoying enough to actually find someone to off it for me. I wish it would move the needle one way or another. I keep hoping my suit will just rub it off.  Maybe.

The pool opens at 9 and I'll be at the edge then ready to get in. I have a new playlist loaded which should be fun. Plus the Saturday pool peops are always fun to see.

There's a pop up bakery near the pool that I read about yesterday, I plan to check them out after my swim and I need to make a grocery stop for apples and a couple of other things. And that's about it for plans.

My TiVo is getting a little backed up and there's at least one Amazon show I want to watch. I have 2 excellet books going on my Kindle and I'm in the middle of a pretty good audible book.  I have bears to knit and my crochet projects are mounting - I have 3.5 going right now (the .5 one may well get ripped out before it goes any farther).

I've got an hour before time to head out to the pool. I think I'll tackle the Kindle book that is on a library timer...
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