Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wednesday at Retired R Us

The pool this morning was packed. Wednesdays nearly alway draw a big crowd for early morning swim. Mondays clearly are the days people can't get out of bed and Fridays are weekend prep, no time to swim. But, Wednesdays are Everybody In!

My pool has 6 lanes. The two outer lanes are easy, the next in are medium, then there's fast and fastest.  Especially at the Early Morning Swim, the easy lane is all mine.  No one wants to be caught swimming in the easy lane. I count on that and am rarely disappointed. The rest of the lanes are packed but I'm The Queen Of Easy. Ha!


I had decided that baseball was over for me and I haven't even looked at the schedule and really don't care. But, last night, as I was headed off to the bedroom, Twitter lit up with the Kansas City/Oakland one game playoff  so I turned it on.  Kansas City had come from a 7-3 deficit to tie it up. I was the top of the 11th.  And then in the 12th, Oakland got a run. Then in the bottom of the 12th, Kansas City tied it up again. They had a pinch runner who had a freakin' mitt - and I don't mean baseball, it was like an oven mitt - on an insured hand...  They also had 7 stolen bases which broke at least one record. The 7th was in the bottom of the 12th and he was driven in by a long single to win the game.  Pretty cool. I'm not unhappy that Oakland lost.

But I think that's it for me and baseball this year. Unless they have another game like that.


Today, I think, is laundry day. And change the sheets on the bed day. And swap out the quilt for a comforter day.

I think there's nothing I need to go out for so I'll just Wednesday at home.

The stock market is plunging again. My only income is from investments. I know better than to worry but really, I do like it better when my ballance is happier.


I watched Selfie last night. In my defense, someone who's opinion is usually on target thought it was cute and I do love John Cho but OMG. I got through 20 minuts and was so sorry that I even wasted that much time.  Oh well.

We should start seeing cancellations pretty soon. I read yesterday taht Red Band Society was looking cancell-y. Poop.

Saw another Scorpion and while it didn't get any more credible - computer virus hits and the first thing the geniuses did was check the AVG log????  - and it got a little sappy - but still, enjoyable.
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