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Susan Dennis


My monthly bill for internet and TV is $171. I get all the 4.890 channels plus HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. My interent connection tests out usually 25-28 MPS. I have a 250GB data cap which Comcast waves.  My recent data usage looks like this:

Screenshot 2014-09-30 at 7.06.09 AM
I'd like to be able to pay less but... I totally get how cable TV works - I pay to get the channels I want and the others are thrown in for free. The preminum channels are also thrown in for 'free' as part of a 2 year pricing deal I got about 6 months ago.

I wouldn't mind faster internet speeds but Comcast's deal for faster speed isn't fast enough to justify. They let me try it once for 2 months for free. I could barely tell the difference so I said no thanks when they wanted $10 a month for it.  My speed is ok for now, I think.

Other than internet speed, I really have zero complaints about Comcast. My service - tv or internet - is so rarely interupted, I can barely remember the last time.  I had some issues about 6 months ago where they were chaning my IP address every day but it turns out my connection problems at that time were really my own router's problems. Even so, I had a Comcast person who was on the case and ready to help the minute I asked.

All this is top of mind now because we have two new options coming to the condo in October. One is a new TV/Cable option and one is a new internet only option. I suspect both will come in with new customer deals. The internet only option - Condo Internet - is the one that temps me. Fast speeds but, likely, a bigger total TV/internet bill in the end.

And... speaking of TV/internet - at long long long last, TiVo has finally stepped up to the android plate.  I can now watch the shows I have recorded on my phone or tablet anywhere I have a data connection.  Pretty freakin' slick. Of course, since I am rarely anywhere but here, this option is useful mostly theoretically but still. It's very cool.


I am a good knitter - I can pretty much follow any pattern and/or knit whatever I want. I am not so good a crocheter. I know some basics but not well. Crocheting offers some stuff that knitting doesn't plus it's just fun to work with yarn a different way. I started a piece last night and it was a bit of a struggle but I think I've got it now. Fun and different. But, there are still bears to be made as well as hexagons so...


A Kindle book I've been waiting for just came available at the library so there will be word reading (as opposed to book listening) for the next little while.  Plus it is getting cool enough to make use of my reading nook (which is farthest away from the fresh air access (door) as anything in the house).


Swimming will be at 11 and that's about it.  Nothing else in ink on the calendar. Plenty of time for whatever.  Nice.
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