Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I finally get plans and they get canceled... sigh

This morning I was scheduled to go up to Mill Creek (about 30-45 minutes north of here) to meet with my financial advisor.  He always volunteers to come down here but I love going up there because 1. Frost Donuts, 2. Walmart, 3. Daiso, and 4. lots of other places that we don't have down here.  I had a plan all mapped out for after our meet. And I had a list of things I wanted to do and find.

During my swim, it dawned on me that I had cut things a little close. If I get home from swim at 8, get coffee and interneted, dressed and out the door and hit the normal traffic exacerbated this morning by rain...  I was already late.  So I cut my swim short by about 5 minutes and hurried home.  And that's when I checked and discovered our meeting was 10:30 and not 9:30. WHEW.

And then, at 8:15, I got an email from him that he is out with a cold and we need to reschedule.  I am very grateful that he did not just keep the appointment and give me his cold. Very grateful.  Ok, so reset.  I think I'm going to go ahead and do some of it anyway. I can go to the Walmart east of here. And there's even a Michaels (also on my list) further east but what they heck. I've got time - why not?

So the list stands it just gets different georgraphy. And now I have plans again. Kewel.


Baseball is done for me. I'm not wedded to any post season team. I'm cool with looking forward to February and spring training. We had such a great season.  Yesterday we won the game but lost the post season bid. It was all good anyway and a great ending.

The Washington Nationals - the only other team that has never played in a World Series - is in the playoffs. So their season did not end yesterday but their game was still amazingly special - their pitcher pitched the team's first ever no-hitter that ended with a dramatic outfield catch.  I didn't see the game but did enjoy the replays.

Great great baseball year.


I'm still having dust/irrantant issues. The humidifier helped enourmously. And also, I remembered saline nasal spray. I dug some out of my medicine chest and oh, yeah! A couple of squirts gives immediate relief. I even woke up in the middle of the night coughing. I took a cough pill and did a couple of more squirts and went right back to sleep without further interuption. So I don't know what's causing the problem but I at least have a couple of excellent fixes.


Zoey is playing NASCAR in the hallway. Ooops I think she just got the checkered flag. 
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