Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not the World Series but...

The Mariners are 37 years old and have never been to the World Series. Not once. And their chances of getting there this year are pretty near nil. BUT, the fact that they are not eliminated on the final game day is, itself, a miracle.

It always kills me when they talk about how long it's been for Kansas City or the Cubs or anyone else. It's been NEVER for the Mariners.  But, we've had a few great games.  There was one in 1995. Seriously, I remember details of that night like it was yesterday. And then there was last night.

Last night's game was one of the most exciting baseball games I have ever seen. Our TV broadcasters are great. Dave Sims and Mike Bowers started the same Summer - 8 years ago. They have gamely cheered the Mariners on through seasons that sucked so much they were obviously out of the running by July 4.  It was year after year of terrible baseball saved by Dave and Mike.

The Mariners would have been out of the running all together if Oakland had beat Texas last night OR if the Angels beat the Mariners.

The first thing that happened was that Texas won. That got everyone excited. And then the Mariners tied the game 1-1 and the bases were loaded with Mariners in the bottom of the 9th with 1 out. I thought Dave Sims was going to explode right there on TV.  Even Mike got a little giddy. There was a full house and they had white rally towels and they were waving the shit out of them. It was wild.

The 10th inning bought a similar situation and finally, in the 11th innng the Mariners won. And, honestly, it was like they had won the series. So much hugging and jumping and carrying on. It was quite the thing and a lovely way to end the season.

The Mariners now must win today AND Oakland must lose in order for the Mariners to advance to a one game playoff and get further. There is no way. But wow. Here we are on the last game day of the regular season and the Mariners are actually still in the running. Fucking amazing.
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