Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ADDitis - Today I haz it.

I got home from the pool/grocery about 11 am. It is now 3:15. I have gotten a lot done but all by accident. I sat down and turned on the TV and saw something that I needed to look up on the internet - and whoosh down the rabbit hole. Finally got out, unpaused the TV and finished watching. I got up to go pee and remembered that I'd forgotten to hang up my suit and towel, did that and remembered I wanted to look up a thing about my new lap ring/timer and I couldn't find it so I asked on Amazon, then I really really needed to pee so I got up again and this time remembered. And then filled my pool shampoo, soap and conditioner bottles and sat down to watch more TV and saw that I had forgotten to put away the groceries. Put them away and then remembered I wanted to mend something so decided to do that before I forgot it. Sat down to watch the lastest episode of Forever and at every commerical, I paused it and got up to do something else I remembered. I now have 15 minutes left to watch on it and just remembered I was going to wash some dishes.

Later. Later. I need to sit still and do one thing for a while. I feel like a ping pong ball.

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