Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Official Declaration - Summer 2014 she is finis

My bare feet sent me a little txt today saying 'do you know where our slippers are????'

My brain said... hmmm might it be a good day to put the beloved air conditioner down for her winter nap?  Yep. and YEAH!!

Despite its reputation, Seattle is not a humid place. Even though I live 1 block from a ginormous body of water. Especially in Summer... not humid.  Proof? I pulled the plug on the a/c to drain it before I put it away... bone dry. Not a drop. Nothing, nada. Wild. My old a/c always gave me enough to fill 2 bowls.

My old one was also way bigger and way heavier. I'd forgotten but this one came with two bags. One to put over the unit during hybernation and one for all the accessories - most of which I do not use or need but feel compelled to hang on to.  I did clean out the filter which a re-read of the manual tells me I should have been doing every week. Ooops.

Anyway, the pet door (I use for venting) is now tucked away out of sight and the a/c is all bedded down and in its closet where it fits much better than the old one.  Thank you, air conditioner, for making my Summer tolerable.

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