Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning before I got into the pool, I turned my Shuffle to an episode of This American Life. It was a great one and my swim went by almost un-noticed.  I kind of missed it. After the episode ended, I took a couple of laps to focus on the swim.

I've been playing with diving - in water diving. A couple of weeks ago, my earbuds got away from me and ended up at the bottom of the deep end.  A regular swimmer from a couple of lanes over spied the problem and before I knew it, had gone down to the bottom, grabbed them and handed them back to me. I was astounded.

I have natural boyancy. Probaly mostly because I am fat. I can be vertical in the water with little or no movement at all for a long time. I think I could do it indefinately.  So getting to the bottom of the pool - even without breathing issues - seems impossible to me.

But, I've been kind of practicing. Diving down as far as I  can go.  My first attempts were hilarious. In 3 feet of water, I could almost touch the bottom.  But doing 3 or 4 dives at the end of every swim now has honed my skills.  I can now easily get down and touch the bottom with my legs extended above me and completely submurged - at about the 7/8 foot level. I worry about breathing and even that is getting easier. I'm probably kidding myself but wouldn't it be cool if I was making my lungs work better?  The deepest is 12 feet. I have a ways to go on that one.

I found a new ring lap counter that also does lap timing. And gives you average lap times. I'm not een sure I understand how it works since it has only one buttom but... apparently it works great so I ordered one. The website said it would take 3 to 5 days to ship from Maryland so I figured it wouldn't be here until the first or second week in October. But... I got a note nearly immediately that it had shipped and would be here Saturday! Except I just checked this morning and the post office website says it's Out for Delivery!!
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