Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The egg muffins I cooked twice as long as I intended? Totally delicioius. More delicious than any other batch. Wow.

10 eggs
3 cups of grated cheese
quarter cup of half and half
quarter cup of bisquix
1/2 tsp caynne

350 for 50 minutes

I actually did not measure any of the above and think maybe it might have been 11 eggs. Also half and half can be milk. This made 12 muffins. From fridge to microwave for 40 secs. Yum.


I'm doing the NPR Pledge Drive Dance again only this time I think I've won. KRCW in LA is my NPR radio station of choice and, bless their hearts, their pledge drive is only a week long. During that week, I listened to KUOW in Seattle. Their internet signal is, I think, tin cans and wax string without the wax. 50% of the time when the alarm goes off,  they are broadcasting silence.  Not really what I tune into a radio station for.  I listened to KPLU in Seattle. They have a strong signal but the most annoying local news/anchors. Today, KRCW is back from their pledge drive and I'm so glad to be back. KPLU and KUOW have their pledge drives coming up and ooops I will miss them entirely.


My cough is gone and my breathing is way better than it has been recently. And I'm sleeping way better.  Weird how those things go in cycles. I have not gotten a flu shot yet and I think I'm due for a pneumonia vacine as well. I need to do that. I've been very lucky in not getting a cold or the flu or worse. I need to give that luck a boost.


Again nothing big today. Swimming at 11. Baseball game at 1. Knitting and crochet. It's a charmed life.
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