Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On my way to the pool this morning, I drove through hollywood rain. In Seattle, we normally get mist to showers. Except on TV or in movies. When Seattle is depicted it's always in a downpour. Usually with thunder.  No thunder this morning but lots and lots of rain.  Near the schools, it created a mess. I got yelled at my a crossing guard. I was sorry but his buddy on my side of the street did not have his flag out so I proceeded very slowly and the yeller - on the other side who did have his flag out - landed at my window yelling. I do hope his day gets better.

My swim was a good one. Nothing outstanding. Just a steady swim in a lane by myself listening to music and solving the world's problems in my mind.


When I took my car in for its checkup, they said I needed two wheels replaced. They didn't have the wheels so had to order them. The guy said it would be a week and he'd call me. A month went by with no word. Then yesterday I got a rather snotty voicemail telling me (not asking) to call and set up an appointment for next week.  This new dealership really annoys me.  I sent an email saying that next week didn't suit me and to please give me a 9:30 am appointment on the 6th, 8th, or 10th. I got no reply. I don't really give a shit. I'm not sure why getting the wheels replaced are safety critical. And it's going to cost me $700. So we do it at my convenience, if we do it at all. So there.


My latest induction burner is going back to Amazon. It's sthe same wattage as my other one but way slower. The point of an induction burner is speed. A slow induction burner has very little point. So back it goes.  I taped up the broken buttons on my old one and I think I'm just going to use it for a while until it well and truly dies. Finding a replacement just isn't working out.
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