Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

In my mind...

When my Mom was alive often she'd reference somthing that clearly she thought I knew but I didn't. I'd say 'you didn't tell me that' and most of the time she'd say 'oh, it must have been in the email I sent you in my mind.'

I am an active journaler (doh) but I don't post to this journal nearly the number of entries that I write - in my head. I often use this journal to sound out things for myself. If I write about a problem, sometimes - really quite often - the answer pops right out at me from I don't know where. So sometimes when I'm noodling through something, I'll write a journal entry about it but sometimes that entry never actually physicall gets written.

This morning, however, I'm not noodling through anything. I slept really well last night. No more chocking, no more coughing, not too hot. It was good.

Today is the middle of the day swim time. And really that's about it for the agenda. I did laundry yesterday and the kitchen is clean so I'm pretty much all caught up. Nice.
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