Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


About 4:15 this morning, I woke up choking. Getting immediately upright and coughing for about 15 minutes kind of fixed it but yikes. It was almost more frightening than hurty.  I cranked the head of my bed way up and got back to sleep at a steep incline. At 6 I got up for swimming.  Swimming was ok except for turns. I did not realize it until this morning but at my turns, I generally take a big breath. This morning, that was doable but I was reminded every time that there was something different going on.

When I got out of the pool, the coughing started and the effort of showering, dressing and getting to the car caused a fair amount of panting.  I was kind of worried.

But, now I have been home for an hour, had coffee and done nothing - except internet - and things are MUCH better. No more panting and very little coughing and the coughing sounds way less scary. I think I'm going to live.

1. I am sooooo grateful for this adjustable bed.  Wow. It earned it's way last night alone.
2. I am sooooo grateful for swimming. I have no idea at all why I can't walk two blocks but can swim a mile with ease. This morning, it felt so good to stretch out on my stomach and move through the water. I feel so alive and good when I swim. I am so lucky to have found it.

I got nothing on the agenda today. Probably laundry. Baseball at 4. Breathing.
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